Goodbye, Chicken Skin!

by Lyssia Katan

As we all begin to ditch our sleeves in favor of summer clothes, some of us have to deal with a condition known as Keratosis Pilaris, otherwise known as chicken skin. These little red, white, or brown bumps (oddly resembling a plucked chicken) are most commonly found on upper arms, thighs, and bottoms - however they can appear in other places too. While annoying, these bumps are not usually itchy or contagious, however, they can be rough and unpleasant to the touch.

Keratosis Pilaris is caused when an excess of keratin builds up in our pores and blocks the hair follicle. The exact reason is still unknown, but it's thought to be hereditary.

While there is currently no cure for chicken skin, there are a number of ways to keep it under control. Avoiding heat can help prevent triggers, but in order to smooth down the bumps, exfoliation makes the biggest difference. 

Our Beldi Buff Moroccan exfoliating soap and traditional Moroccan kessa mitt are perfect for getting rid of those pesky bumps. Our Beldi Buff is made with 100% natural ingredients, ideal for sensitive skin. The included kessa mitt provides just the right amount of exfoliation and can be made rougher or smoother depending on hand pressure. Let us know how your skin feels after exfoliating the Moroccan way and finally kick KP to the curb!